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Summer 2014 Ibiza Catering Closing Events

YEP ! the end of october is near and a great Ibiza summer catering and wedding season comes to an end now. The legendary clubs and spots are inviting to their spectacular closing nights as hundreds of party people gather to celebrate another fantastic season .


also many private fiestas are up and folks from all over the island are flying in just to say good bye summer 2014 !

IBIZA LOVE TRUCK is booked for some of the coolest farewell parties on the island.

Ibiza Pizza Catering

Starting with a PIZZA PIZZA ! event at a stunning private villa in Cala Moli we surprised Host & guests with super fresh oven baked and of course hand made Pizzas de luxe . From Tuna & Olives to finest Salami & Tomato with triple cheese -

the crowd was nearly fighting for the next pieces fresh and crisp out of the oven.

Ice Cold Ibiza beer

our crew was feeding nearly 80 guests , serving fresh salads , aioli breads, ice cold beer & vino plus the delicious Pizzas in all you can eat mode !

Love Truck Ibiza Catering
Ibiza villa catering

I wish you could hear them singing and dancing to our LOVE TRUCK tunes - simply fabulous ! you have a real hard time to imginge that in northern europe the people start wearing their winter cloths and looking for christmas presents now whilst here on Ibiza the beaches are still crowded and sunshine fills the day.

pizza delivery catering ibiza
event catering in ibiza
Ibiza Love Truck Crew
hand made delicious oven baked  pizzas

we all looking forward to a new summer season and lots of exciting projects and even more happy clients. The LOVE TRUCK CREW now takes Babe Rosemary to a dry and cozy place where she can rest and take a nap thru the wintertime .

right before easter or as its called here : Semana Santa " we will wake her up again for new adventures and journeys on the wonderful island of Ibiza.

until then we will keep y all posted of what the new plans are and so it does make sense to stay in touch with us .

sending Love & Happiness to all of you .



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